About One Day VPN

Established in 2020, One Day VPN emerged from a vision to ensure a safer and more private online experience for everyone. Nestled in the bustling heart of Crewe, UK, we've grown, but our core values remain unshakeable.

While many VPN services exist, our distinctiveness lies in our expertise with OpenVPN. This open-source VPN protocol is lauded for its strength and reliability, making it a top choice for privacy-conscious individuals.

We don't just offer VPN certificates; we deliver trust. Our dedicated team, with decades of combined experience in cybersecurity, works round the clock to ensure that your online presence remains your own. No prying eyes, no unwanted intrusions.

Cyber threats have never been more prevalent, and as they evolve, so do we. Our commitment is not just to respond but to stay one step ahead, ensuring that our users always have the most secure connection available.

Are you a journalist accessing sensitive sources? A student ensuring academic integrity? Or simply someone who values their online privacy? No matter who you are, One Day VPN is dedicated to protecting your online world.

We believe in a user-centric approach. Your feedback and experiences drive our innovations and refinements. By joining our rapidly expanding community, you're not just getting a VPN; you're investing in a safer, more open internet for all.

Our Global Server Locations

At One Day VPN, we're proud of our diverse server locations. Each is strategically placed to offer our users the best connection speeds, accessibility, and security. Here’s a glimpse of our server locations and why they matter: